Ogier is the leading sponsor for listings on the Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE) with a market share of 24.64% (as at 29 February 2016). We have the largest share of Eurobond listings across both the Channel Islands exchange and the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX).

A founding member of the CISE when it launched in 1998, Ogier has specialist teams offering exceptional levels of expertise to assist issuers wishing to list on both the CISE and the CSX, where Ogier has been a full listing agent since 2004.
Ogier Corporate Finance Limited acts as a sponsor in relation to the listing of debt securities, investment funds, trading company shares and other securities on the exchange.



Listings on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX)

Advantages to listing on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX) include:

  • UK HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)-recognised status under which UK resident investors can receive interest and dividend payments tax free
  • Listing rules that are tailored to an institutional investor-based market and are not bound by EU directives
  • A streamlined and cost-competitive listing process
  • The CSX specialises in the listing of mutual funds, hedge funds, structured debt securities, Eurobonds, Islamic products, preferred shares, depository receipts, derivative warrants and international equity
  • The CSX has more than 1,150 listings, including more than 700 of securitised debt and Eurobonds
  • Ogier has been a full listing agent of the CSX for a number of years and is a recognised leader in the industry. The services we provide include helping with the initial listing process and ensuring that all continuing CSX obligations are observed in respect of those listings.

Listings on the Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE)

Advantages to listing on the Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE) include:

  • Unlike other European Stock Exchanges, the CISE is not bound by any EU listings directives and, as a result, it is able to be considerably more flexible in its approach
  • The CISE is also generally more flexible on local presence requirements compared with stock exchanges established in the EU
  • The CISE offers a personalised approach and fast-track processing of listing applications within a highly regulated and innovative marketplace. It has grown rapidly since 1998, with more than 3,500 securities listed since launch with a total market capitalisation of more than US$17 billion.
  • The securities admitted to the official list of the CISE include diverse legal structures, such as protected cell companies and limited partnerships, and a wide variety of investment vehicles including Eurobonds, hedge funds, property funds, structured debt, warrants and special purpose vehicles (SPVs).
  • Ogier acts as listing agent to more securities than any other firm and has a market leading share of 24.64% of all securities listed and remaining listed (as at 29 February 2016).
  • With such a prominent share of the listings activity on the CISE to date, the Ogier listings team is uniquely placed to provide clients with a listing service which draws on its experience of dealing with the exchange over many years.
  • The CISE has become the exchange of choice for a growing number of international issuers.

Cost-efficiency, expediency, flexibility and accessibility

Our clients appreciate the benefits the CSX and CISE can offer in terms of cost-efficiency, expediency, flexibility and accessibility. In particular, the CSX and CISE offer:

  • Fast document-turnaround time and an efficient personal service
  • Competitive pricing and cost-effectiveness
  • Sponsor fees that are significantly lower than other major exchanges
  • International standards of issuer regulation
  • A pragmatic approach to disclosure requirements